Monday, September 14, 2009

Excitement on the P529

There was some excitement on the p529 this evening ... right outside of Yawkey we came to a sudden stop ... the type where the emergency brake is deployed and you hang on for dear life. Come to find out, we were sent out on the wrong switch and thus the wrong track and the engineer saw another train on our same track ... heading in our direction! We sat there for about 15 minutes, then we backed up all the way to South Station, switch tracks and headed back out.

Morning commutes have been status quo of late ... nothing like running like clockwork!

In other transportation news:
  • Secretary of Transportation James Aliosi has resigned and will not head up the newly revamped Department of Transportation come November
  • The MBTA is shutting down the Old Colony Line from Middleboro to Bridgewater to replace old rail ties starting this Wednesday after rush hour, passengers will be bused between the stations from 8:30 to 4:30
  • New iPhone apps to help you get where you're going on the T include: MassTransit, the NextTrainMBTA, iTransitBuddy - MBTA and to a T
  • The MBTA recently extended the hours when junior high and high school students can use their discount MBTA passes ...times were extended to 11:00 PM


Anonymous said...

The P531 was also canceled last night. No info on the sign boards until 20 minutes after scheduled departure and no email alert ever sent.
Agree with you that morning has been running pretty well, but rides home have had many issues the last month or so.

Anonymous said...

The Globe has a story thismorning saying CSX says two trains nearly collided last night at about 6:30 -- sounds like the riders on the P529 did not get the full story.