Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parking Tickets

This is strange ... last night when I got to the Grafton parking lot, I had a MBTA transit police ticket on my car. I know for a fact I paid my $4 parking fee last night, but my ticket was for $15 for "non-payment of parking fee." I'm not even sure how to contest it. Did anyone else have a ticket as well?

The P508 was slightly off schedule this morning, arriving at South Station at 8:26 AM, about three minutes behind schedule. Last night on the P 529 (the 6;15 PM departure from South Station), we had to wait about 15 minutes for "paperwork" until we could depart. We ended up getting to Grafton about 20 minutes late. So, sadly, not enough for reimbursement.

Interesting note about reimbursements, I'm still waiting for three of them from late trains back in September.

In other train news:

According to the Boston Globe, a commuter train at North Station hit a truck parked near the tracks this morning, but no one was injured, authorities said. The inbound train was arriving from Beverly and was making its final stop when it clipped the truck just before 9 a.m., said Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokesman Joe Pesaturo. Service was not delayed and passengers departed safely at North Station. The truck was parked to service a portable toilet nearby for rail employees. The driver was connecting a hose from the truck to the toilet as the accident occurred, Pesaturo said. “It’s been there in the past, but this time the driver parked too close to the tracks,” he said.

Last weekend, a Green Line train made a sudden stop, injuring some passengers. The incident happened Saturday night on the Green Line as the trolley departed North Station, heading toward Government Center. Officials tell the Boston Herald that a brake malfunctioned. WBZ-TV reported that least 10 people were hurt and four passengers were taken to area hospitals. Transit police Sgt. Bill Fredette tells the Herald that none of the injuries appeared to be serious.


Anonymous said...

I was issued a $15 ticket from Transit Police at Framingham a few months ago. The ticket was for old violations that I had not paid, not for the day the ticket was issued (I had paid that day). It was pointed out to me that had the days payment was credited because if it had not I would have gotten the $1 envelope instead. I called Transit Police who pointed out I could pay the ticket online.

oddjob60 said...

A copy of my comment on UHub...

Big caveat up front: my commuter rail lot is owned by the town of Mansfield, and they write the tickets. The T police may do things differently.

That said, on the front of our citations (which are also envelopes) there's a notice saying how to appeal: instead of mailing payment, you send back a letter requesting a hearing. I pay for parking with coins, which sometimes fall to the bottom of the box, and both times I've been ticketed for non-payment, the ticket has been dismissed because there was extra money in the bottom of the box noted by the parking collectors.

Good luck!

AJ said...

I haven't received one of the official tickets, but friends of mine who have say it's if you have multiple outstanding fees. Eventually they give you the $15 charge, on top of having to pay the existing fees.

Joe said...

I've received the "pay up, bucko" envelopes [deserved and not] in the Southborough lot. When it was bogus, I called the number, argued, and it was sorted. They do say they will ticket if you get some number of missed payments in such-and-such a time period. Someone mix up the license plates deserving of tickets in your lot?

AJ said...

I guess the first intrusion of the new Mass Transportation Super-Group has begun.

Instead of any sort of MBTA update, even the traditional "For yours and others safety, please do not try and board a moving train" this morning, we had something like, "Need a reminder for all your DMV needs, like renewing your license? Sign up for reminders at www."

No, I don't thanks. I would like an update on when I can expect my train though! And if I did want your updates, the rest of the web address would help.

Ben, N1WBV said...

Just a heads up, LAZ seems to "lose" money and not tell you. You can read my tail of woe here.

Ray C said...

a few days late, but I figured I'd comment on the parking ticket.

I've had that happen to me before. I think there was either a number to call on the ticket, or I found it near one of the pay boxes. I had to leave a message with some of my info, and got a return call the next day. I told the person the situation, and he told me "sometimes the collectors make mistakes." And that he would make the fine "go away" so that I did not have to pay it.

Anonymous said...

It is more convenient not to pay parking daily. Let the bill run up to about $25 and write a check, looking for 4 x $1 bills everyday is a PITA! Who the hell works on a cash only basis nowadays? The Taliban? Parking attendants don't like working in the rain and skip issueing tickets often enough for it to be a wash.

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Anonymous said...

PrePaid but still got a ticket.

I Park at West Borough.

Got a parking tickets on Dec 28th and 30th. 2009.

Well, I had pre-paid on both occassions.

I send an email waiting for the response.

After how many days do they generally slap a fee of $15.00 for non-payment of parking ticket?