Monday, July 26, 2010

One of the Worst Commutes this Year

What a wake up call! Thought I'd get on the train and go to work like nothing has changed? Thought I'd still be in vacation bliss, all relaxed and happy? Well ... not so much thanks to this morning's commute.

The p508 started off well enough ... until we came to a halt outside of West Natick. Then we were informed that the train in front of us (the p506) broke down and we had the pleasure of pushing them into Boston. So, that would likely result in a delay.

THEN, we had the pleasure of having our lights and AC shut off for 25 minutes while we tried to link up with the train in front of us.

THEN, we got the great news that we would be making all local stops, since, as you know, the p506 was a local whereas we were an express.

FINALLY, we also had to make two stops at Yawkey and Back Bay to let both the front and back train people off.

I don't think my butt has ever been so sore from sitting in one position for about three hours straight.

I think I might go back to driving!


Gary said...

Wow! This is *almost* my experience exactly - first day back after two weeks out and the commute from hell! The only difference is that I was "lucky" enough to be on the 506 in front of you, so add on another half hour for which we were waiting for the 'push' into town! Ugh. I need another vacation now!

Train Rider said...

@Gary - no kidding ... can I go back on vacation please?!?

Anonymous said...

What a miserable experience! One of my coworkers sent an email to the team letting us know she'd be late due to problems on the train from Framingham; I guess she was on the p508 too.

AJ said...

The P527 (541 BB) suffered some delays last night. There was no official word as to why, but it took 40 minutes to make the trip from South Station to Back Bay.

Train Rider said...

@AJ - I was on that evening train on 7/26. I got to South Station for the 6;15 PM express, when I got on the train, it was actually the 5:35 local ... completely late and with no explanation. I think that train got to Grafton at 7:35? Worst commuting day ever!!