Friday, April 3, 2009

On Time on the P512

I ended up taking the p512 this morning ... arriving at South Station at 9:08 AM (right on time), then zipping on the Silver Line to my office.

I wish I could take the p512 every day ... I could get up later in the morning and not have to rush from the house to make the p508. Alas, officially, my work start time is 8:30, so the p512 is a once in awhile luxury.

The MetroWest Daily News posted an article that succinctly describes what will likely happen to us Worcester/Framingham riders if the transportation crisis isn't resolved. Some "highlights" (this term is used loosely) from the article:
  • MetroWest rail stops in Natick, Framingham, Ashland and Southborough could see varied fare increases anywhere from $40 to $75 for a monthly pass, which currently ranges in the three zones from $186 to $223.
  • The inevitable longer wait and overcrowding if service is reduced would be more than an annoyance for commuters, said Eric Bourassa of MassPIRG. "People won't be able to come in early, or leave late from work," he said. "If they want to do anything, they'll have to switch to driving."
  • Bourassa said a fare increase in 2007 saw MBTA ridership decrease by 37 million trips, or 9.5 percent, but rebounded after the price of gas rose the following year.


AJ said...

I love taking the P512. It's such a pleasant train. It rarely gets overcrowded, rude people are at a minimum, and it alots more time for sleep. My company opens at 9, so our 905 arrival isn't a problem and that makes it nice.

The P508 was about 25 minutes behind this morning, arriving in Grafton about 835ish, so had you just been a little early for the P512 you could have caught it. Even for being as late as it was, it was pretty light.

Train Rider said...

thanks for the update AJ! I must have just missed the p508 this morning.

I noticed how light the parking lot was as well and the p512 wasn't crowded either.

I agree with your assessment about the p512 ... it is quite pleasant all around.