Monday, May 18, 2009

Delays on a Monday

More RailMail from the MBCR today ... but this wasn't good news, just an explanation for the lengthy delays this morning.

To Our Worcester Line Customers;

We would like to begin by apologizing for the very lengthy delays experienced by our Worcester line customers this morning.

Train P502 experienced a mechanical failure when departing the Worcester station this morning. In the interim, it was determined that train P504’s equipment would be brought into the station, tie on to train P502 making a double draft and proceed into Boston making all stops. However, when this attempt was made it became clear that that there was a CSX switching problem that prevented any trains from leaving the facility. We then had to wait for CSX maintainers to come to Worcester to restore the signal. The MBCR mechanical staff had by this time made the necessary repairs to the disabled first train (P502) and it was sent on its way making all stops. Quite naturally, this cascaded into multiple delays throughout the morning commute.

We realize that this made many passengers late for the start of their work day and wanted to take this opportunity to both apologize and provide you with an explanation for this morning’s events.

We thank you for your patience and thank you for riding the commuter rail.

Customer Service Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail

My question is ... why is there not a mechanical crew out near Worcester? From the email, seems like they had to travel to get there?


Kyle said...

Because that would require foresight and management that gave a shit. Why would management care, when they don't ride the commuter rail...they weren't late for work.

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is: $$$$$$$$$$

I don't know what sense it would make it would make to pay full-time salaries of a couple of mechanics to sit around Worcester all week for the one or two instances they are needed a month.

Anonymous said...

I'm on vacation this week, just curious was the P508 affected? Good thing I turned my phone on silent or I would have been bombarded by my T alerts text messages.