Friday, May 1, 2009


I think I need an intern! Work has just been flat out crazy, leaving me hardly any time to post commuting updates to TrainStopping. Luckily, the commutes have been pretty smooth this week, with the p508 arriving on time or within 1-2 mintues of the scheduled arrival time to South Station. This morning's train pulled into South Station at 8:20 AM.

Given all the media hype about the Swine Flu and Vice President Biden's somewhat suspect comments about not taking public transportation (which really isn't an option for the majority of us), the MBTA is ramping up their cleaning efforts of buses, trains and stations. According to an email from T General Manager Daniel Grabauskas, “The MBTA has directed its cleaning crews to give special attention to places such as seats, hand rails on escalators and grab bars on subway cars and buses."

Yesterday at Union Station in Worcester, a transportation forum was sponsored by The Research Bureau and attended by Dan Grabauskas, James Aloisi and Lt. Governor Tim Murray, among others. Topics of interest at the forum included:

  • Expanding rail service via a commuter rail route that would take passengers from Worcester to Boston through Clinton and Ayer
  • CSX moving its Allston rail yard to a location in Central Massachusetts
  • A pending agreement with the T’s union employees, reducing the agency’s generous benefits system and saving millions of dollars


Kyle said...

Let's see if improved service ever happens. Did Aloisi and Grabauskas take the train to Worcester? Probably not, they probably drove in his "hybrid SUV". If I'm wrong, I stand corrected.

Train Rider said...

Yeah, I totally doubt that they took the train to Worcester.

Grabauskas lives in Lowell and doesn't even take the train from there into Boston, why start now?

AJ said...

You either spoke too soon or put the jinx on us! The P508 got pushed back this morning because one of the air conditioners in a middle car wasn't working. I guess they had to disassemble the train and put a different car in it's place.

The whole time I just sat there, pissed, thinking about that picture of Dan G. on and in the Globe during his last round of "Get me money or there will be consequences!" speeches. You know, the one with his arms crossed where he looks like the power of his job has gone completely to his head? The one where he seems menacing. I also caught myself wondering if he drove the Escape Hybrid to our commuting emergency this morning, as he's stated that's why he has it (for commuting emergencies I mean).

I definitely want to tune in to 7 News tonight on NBC. They have a story about how they rode the rails 24 times and didn't pay once that they are running tonight at 11.

Richard said...

I don't know if you were on the train this morning, but the 6:55am was cancelled due to mechanical problems and then the 7:35am was 20 minutes late so we never left until nearly 8. The train became local and arrived at Back Bay close to 9:30. I don't know when it arrived at South Station. Apparently there was a brake problem. I don't know why they can't overhaul the trains on the weekends when there's little traffic. They don't discover these things until Monday morning. It's a shame as they were doing well with the trains for several weeks now. I really hope this isn't the start of anything.