Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Better MBTA?

That's what Transportation Secretary James Aliosi is promising, after the ousting of General Manager Dan Grabauskas. Mr. Aliosi promises a thorough review of the MBTA, as the merger of the state's transportation agencies is due to take effect in November. Among other things that the review will accomplish is determining whether or not the fare increases proposed by Dan Grabausaks will be implemented and whether there needs to be a MBTA General Manager position in the new agency.

The agency itself needs to be overhauled, perhaps Dan Grabauskas leaving is the first sign of many changes to come. I hate to sound jaded, but I hope removing Mr. Grabauskas, performing a comprehensive review of the agency and merging the transportation agencies accomplishes what we riders have been clamoring for ... consistent train/bus service and good customer service at a fair price.


Kyle said...

I really hope this is the beginning of something good. Maybe transportation secretary and T management will begin to push for actual quality of service, no service cuts, no fare hikes and new and desperately needed transportation projects (hard-rail, light rail, etc...NOT BRT though). I'm dreaming right now, but I am a positive person.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Dan Grabauskas is considering working in the private sector. He does understand that he will be held accountable for his work, right? He's unreal - "I'm not responsible for fare hikes." Is this the same guy who was harping on fare hikes earlier this year?

While I'm not thrilled to be seeing him get $320K as a buyout, I am happy he's out of the T. He was not a good leader.