Friday, August 7, 2009

Dan Grabauskas Leaving MBTA

I'm currently traveling for work, but I wanted to post regarding the news that Dan Grabauskas is leaving the MBTA. This after weeks of no-confidence votes from the MBTA board, but no outright vote to oust him. I can't say I'm surprised that this has finally happened.

Frankly, I think the General Manager job is a thankless task. Over the last few years, I'm struggling to come up with improvements to my commuting experience that can be directly attributed to the work of the GM. This is not to say that there haven't been improvements in other areas of the MBTA ... such as the introduction of new equipment and an automated fare card system. I don't doubt that one person can do the job alone, but an agency such as the MBTA needs a leader and I'm just not sure that Dan Grabauskas was that type of leader.

I think back to an interview that he did with WBUR about a year and a half ago. I don't think I ever heard such a disinterested person answering questions from riders. He kept reminding people of the fiscal state of the MBTA instead of concentrating on their issues. We as riders get it, the T is in financial crisis. But, we need an advocate, someone who will listen to input and take action to make the experience better. The General Manager needs to be able to balance the business of running the T with the business of customer service.

Luckily for Dan, he gets to walk away with over $320 K in his pocket as a reminder for all the "good" work that has occurred under his expert management. What a crock!! In any other company, if you failed to deliver, you'd be out on your butt with no cushy golden parachute.


Anonymous said...

anyone who is blaming politics on this situation has no idea how bad Dan G is at running the MBTA. They should try commuting the way we do every day.

Joe said...

"In any other company, if you failed to deliver, you'd be out on your butt with no cushy golden parachute. "

Would that it were true. Executives get kid gloves constantly, no matter how badly their ruin a company. While Madoff and Ebbers are the exception when it comes to punishment, their behavior is standard.