Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slight Delays

After a week of on time commutes, both the commuter rail and the Silver Line were slightly delayed this morning ... the p508 arrived to South Station at around 8:30 (7 minutes off of the scheduled arrival time) and the Silver Line was backed up as well,

I think the Silver Line delays were due to the fact that people would not move out of the way for a handicapped person to get on the bus. That's really unacceptable, have some common courtesy. I didn't try to jam myself on that bus, I waited for the next one to come.

I've noticed that the MBTA has increased the number of Silver Line buses during peak times in the morning and evening. Kudos for recognizing that it was needed. I'm not sure how it will be impacted though if the service cuts come into effect.

As the fiscal crisis looms around both the MBTA and the Mass Pike, the state Senate passed a bill yesterday aimed at changing the overall transportation landscape in Massachusetts. The bill calls for the elimination of both the MBTA and the Mass Pike Authority, but doesn't really describe how any of the services will be paid for (in lieu of toll hikes, fare hikes or gas tax hikes). Full details can be found here.


Anonymous said...

NY's MTA Board approved a sharp fare and toll hike yesterday morning (25-30%) so you can be sure the MBTA will follow suit, especially since the GM is so fond of comparing the two entities. The MTA Board called the hikes a "disaster," but felt it had no choice as Albany kept dragging its foot. My prediction is that the MBTA will increase fares to slightly less than NY's, saying "at least we're not as bad as NY," as the GM said a few months ago. BTW, even with the increases, NY's fares are still less expensive if you factor in the number of riders and the distance traveled.

Train Rider said...

I saw the same article about the MTA (New York) fare/toll hikes yesterday. And sadly, my first thought was the same as yours Anonymous ... any second now, the MBTA will do the same thing.