Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowed In

I'm grateful that my firm allows me to work from home on days like today. I hadn't been plowed out by around 7:00 AM this morning, so getting from my house to the Grafton train station would have been an ordeal.

I checked in with the T this morning and there were delays on the Worcester/Framingham line. I'm sure it's as difficult for the trains to plow through the snow on the tracks as it is for cars to deal with snow.

I hope everyone has safe travels today.


Pig Roaster said...

I took the first train in this morning that usually pulls through Framingham at 5:35... instead of being late today as one would expect, it actually came through two minutes early! Luckily I had given myself the time and was there for it, but I would have been mighty peeved if I had gone through the trouble of getting there on time only to miss the train!

Anonymous said...

P508 was five minutes late big deal. It was relaxing have 1/3 of the passengers on board.

Anonymous said...

P508 was about 2 minutes late today to Westboro, but we were into South Station at problems. As you suspected, the worst part of getting to work was the drive (Route 9 was shoddily plowed at best).

Anonymous said...

I also rode thr 508 on Monday and while it wasnt exactly on time at the staton in ashland it was close and it did get to back bay pretty much on time.

The parking lot in Ashland was another story. It looks like they never plowed it ir it had been a number of hours since it had been done. There was at least 6" of snow on the loy and with the ice underneath it was quite slick.