Monday, September 22, 2008

First Fall 2008 Commute

Fall officially started this morning. I do love autumn!

I didn't take the train into Boston today. I needed to drop off my car for some minor repairs, so I have a loaner vehicle an I drove into work. The commute was very zippy on the Mass Pike, which was really nice. Since my car has a satellite radio, I was listening to some regular (non-satellite) morning radio drive-time shows this morning. Did all the Boston and Worcester-area stations just dump their DJs because there were some familiar voices missing?

Per last week's request, I received some feedback from a Train Stopping reader regarding last week's train derailment. Here is the email, from a Worcester Line Rider:
I'm sending you a brief email about my experience yesterday. A co-worker told me at about 4:15pm that there was a derailment near South Station and that the Worcester line was experiencing delays. I checked the MBTA website and read that delays of 15-20 minutes were occurring. Based on that, I arrived at South Station 15 minutes later only to find that the 5pm had already left. I took the 5:35 local which was actually not very crowded at all, considering that they cancelled the 5:15pm to Framingham.

My lesson learned from this is not to believe the MBTA website and just show up on time and wait if I have to.
Worcester Line Rider - thanks for the update!

In other news, last week The Boston Globe wrote an update about the Ipswich train whistle issue. As of 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 12th, all train whistles have stopped.

Yesterday's Sunday Globe published an article about the proposed Green Line extension to Medford.

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AJ said...

Damn you Train Rider! We stopped for an extra long time in Framingham this morning, with no explanation, and arrived about 8 minutes late to back Bay. I rely on you to find out why we stopped, not drive your loaner car in and leave me hanging!

What am I supposed to do, track down this info myself?

= ) AJ