Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where's my Wage Works October Pass?

Tomorrow is October 1st. Yes, you are probably thinking "Train Rider, you are stating the obvious."

So why do I care that tomorrow is October 1st? Other than I love getting and giving Halloween candy on the 31st, I care because no one at my company has received their October 2008 MBTA passes from Wage Works. My company outsources the T pass process to Wage Works. This has happened a few times in the past. In fact, I think the same thing occurred last October. If I remember correctly, most Boston-based commuters (and not just at my firm) were affected. I heard someone asking the conductor about it this morning - if people who receive their passes from Wage Works will have to pay. But I was dozing so I can't honestly remember what the reply was.

Speaking of this morning's commute, it was fine. The P508 train was on-time. We got to South Station at 8:24 a.m.

Looking forward to finally receiving my October 2008 commuter rail pass.


Roxanne said...

My company also outsources to WageWorks. For regular T passes, we get a WageWorks branded Mastercard and reload our Charlie Cards ourselves. I had an issue with my card one month and WageWorks had me pay for that month's pass out of pocket and then they reimbursed me. Not sure how things would work in your instance, but might be worth a call to WageWorks to ask them what's their policy when something like this happens so you know you'll get reimbursed if you end up paying each day until you receive the pass.

Sarah in Worcester said...

I receive my monthly pass from WageWorks as well. For the first time in 4 months I got my pass before the first of the month! It seems as though I'm the only one on my floor, though.

Their reimbursement policy is not exactly customer service oriented, in my opinion. Every time I call and ask why my pass is late, again, they give me their standard answer. They ask that you buy another monthly pass (that means I will have to spend $500 instead of the usual $250), fill out their reimbursement form and wait for a reimbursement check. The kicker is WageWorks reviews your form/case and decides whether or not to give you your money back. Also, it can take up to 6 weeks.

It's funny how WageWorks has no problem taking your money on time but they can't guarantee you will have your pass on time. Hmmm.

Good luck, and I hope you get your pass in the mail today!

Anonymous said...

The company where I work has a central distribution of passes at the office, but ours were delayed until yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Wageworks is a terrible company, I've lost money dealing with them and following their instructions for processing mistakes they have made!

You are not their customer, your company is. That's why nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

wageworks is an AWFUL company with practically no customer support. they contract with big corporations and have agood "selling line" but in the end all they do is try to hold your money hostage - and they do. it is a privately owned company and there is no recourse for them STEALING your money from your paycheck if you allow them to.

Anonymous said...

The health side is no better than the transportation side. Take the worst of banking, join it to the worst of insurance and for good measure through in the worst of government bureaucracy, stir lightly and you will have WageWorks. I think WageTheft would be a more accurate name.