Thursday, September 25, 2008

Forgot My Commuter Rail Pass Today

Boy, was it chilly this morning. I didn't have the best of mornings today. I forgot to bring a coat, so I was freezing. I also forgot my T pass and my work badge. Ugh.

The commute on the P508 was fine. We were on time, although I didn't check my watch for our exact arrival time into South Station.

And in case you were wondering. . . . yes, I had to pay for my commute in this morning. In the past, I've seen monthly pass holders ride without paying when they have forgotten their passes, as the conductors have remembered them. But I've noticed that the conductors have been cracking down and really working to collect fares. So, while it actually hurt to pay for today's commute on top of what I may for my monthly pass, I am happy to see fares getting collected. But the revenue is certainly needed!

On the revenue front, it looks like substantial Mass Pike toll increases could be forthcoming. According to, one proposal discussed at today's monthly Turnpike board member meeting involves increasing tolls on the eastern portion of the Pike by $1.00 and raising tunnel fares $5.00.

In other news, The Salem News reports on a "dark secret" held by a new MBTA board member. Ferdinand Alvaro is . . . wait for it. . . Ferdinand, a Marblehead resident, roots for the Yankees! Shocking!!! So this is where I get to say "Let's Go Red Sox!" Yes, we clinched the wild card two nights ago. The Yankees - well their bags are packed for winter break.

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