Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost the Weekend & 4Q Performance Stats

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like short weeks are actually longer than a full work week. Definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Commuted into Boston on the p508 this morning. We were about 12 minutes behind schedule, finally arriving at South Station around 8:35 AM this morning. So, of the three days I've commuted in this week in the morning, we've been late two days (late by being more than 5 minutes from the scheduled arrival time). Hope this isn't the sign of things to come.

I heard through the grapevine that the commute on the 6:15 last night wasn't great either. The train was late and when it did finally arrive at South Station, it was six single decker cars, so every available space was packed and tickets weren't collected. Luckily, I avoided that train last night.

Not too much going on news wise on the MBTA front, aside from the opening of a new MBTA station: Science Park/West End. You can read about it here.

Finally tracked down the November, December and 2008 Performance statistics for the Worcester/Framingham line. The poster used to be displayed right in the middle of the station, but now it's back by the ticket office, so you really have to search for it.

November: 89.53%
December: 79.79%
2008 YTD: 87.15%


Anonymous said...

Took the 502 with no problems this morning but got into the office and the barrage of MBTA emails began....

Framingham/Worcester Alerts

Framnghm/Worc #514 (8:40am ib) experiencing over 30 min delay 1/22/2009 8:42 AM

Framnghm/Worc #510 (8:00am ib) canceled. Expect delay of 20-30 minutes due to cancelation. 1/22/2009 8:39 AM

Framnghm/Worc #503 (6:50am ob) experiencing 60 min delay from Wellesley Farms to Worcester. 1/22/2009 8:21 AM

Framnghm/Worc #516 (8:30am ib) experiencing over 30 min delay 1/22/2009 8:02 AM

Ouch! Thanks for riding the commuter rail and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused!

AJ said...

The P512, usually a rock for on-time performance, has been late or delayed along the way every day this week! I have a buddy who takes it and hasn't arrived on time once this week. I took it this morning to get over my LOST hang-over. We were late, but due to the Framingham Local in front of us breaking down, making us a full local and absolutely packing the train to the gills.

Fun fun.

Kidney Stones said...

The P506 (6:30 out of Worcester) was sluggish, pulling into South Station at around 8:26, or 13 minutes behind schedule. That's two days in a row that it has been behind.

Also, those performance postings are laughable. There's no way they were that high!

Commute-a-holic said...

Train Rider -

I find it hilarious that when I got my answer from the MBCR about posting the on-time performance stats in their Bi-annual newsletter, that the stats are posted in "visible" locations. If you have to search through South Station, the on-time performance stats are not visible.

In today's interactive world, I don't know why the MBCR and MBTA can't publish the on-time stats every month on their website. This would take, oh, maybe a few minutes to post each month.

Great observations!!