Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Go on the New Locomotives for MBTA Commuter Rail Trains

Citing the economy among a number of factors, the MBTA said they are going to postpone purchasing 28 new MBTA commuter rail locomotives. You can read all about it in this article from today's The Boston Globe.


kieran said...

In theory the commuter rail is a substantial bargain compared to driving. To purchase and operate a car for my Worcester-Boston commute would be $900 per month (excluding maintenance costs) versus $250 on the train. That said it would be nice to have the trains operate reliably and with the same running time that they did previously. This article sets the expectation that the current four hours I budget for commuting each day will need to increase over the next couple of years. Begins to make one consider the trade-off between time and money.

Sarah J said...

That's too bad because it looks as though the P502 engine wasn't working this morning. I'm not too sure since they didn't announce it. The conductor just told us the P502 was cancelled and we were going to become the local P504. YIPPEE!