Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Commute

Another frigid winter day in New England ... I'm not sure if that contributed to the small delays that we encountered this morning. I took the p508 from Grafton, we were slightly delayed this morning, first outside of Framingham (the train in front of us was having some mechanical issues) and then outside of Newton (waiting for a signal). We arrived to South Station around 8:38 AM ... so about 15 minutes past the scheduled arrival time.

On a bright note (from the reimbursement perspective only), I received 6 reimbursements from the MBTA last night for late/cancelled trains in December … to the tune of almost $100. I think I'll go on a shopping spree tonight.


Anonymous said...

The 506 was having mechanical difficulties. The lights and heat went out at Framingham and we stayed there for a bit while the engineers tried to fix the problem. They weren't able to so we continued on w/o lights and heat, stopping again for a bit at one of the Wellesley stops before heading out again. Arrived at Back Bay around 20 minutes later than usual. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the T was waiting for the new year to begin to send out a pile of refunds -- in the past two days, I've received three commuter rail and two subway reimbursements dating back to October and November (I still have several December claims outstanding).

Kidney Stones said...

I came to share exactly what "Anonymous" at 11:11 just said.

I also received 3 reimbursements from the MBTA, so basically $46. Doesn't make up for being late to work, but I'll take it!