Monday, January 26, 2009

Stuck Outside South Station

Well, the p508 would have been on time today if there had actually been a track for us to go to; however, it seems all of the tracks at South Station were filled, so we sat there for almost 20 minutes until one opened. Our actual arrival time at South Station was 8:43 AM. These are the days that I really miss being able to jump off at Back Bay and take the Orange Line.

It seems there were other issues across the tracks today. I know that the p502 was cancelled as well and colleagues who take different train lines also experienced delays.

In MBTA train news, looks like Wi-Fi installation across all trains/lines is ongoing and expected to be completed by spring. At least two coaches on every train will now be Wi-Fi enabled. While the MBTA touts the Framingham/Worcester pilot as "successful," I know from experience that it was sporadic at best. But, here's hoping they've ironed out all of the kinks and that the program benefits commuters. You can read more about it here.


Anonymous said...

I don't care about WIFI on my train
I want restrooms ( especially needed when train is late or becomes a local )
and I want my train to be on time
and if not I want MBTA to call
local radio stations to advise of the delay
Monday I paid my $4 to park only to find my train was cancelled and the next train was a local
arriving at 7:48AM
so I lost $4.00 and had to drive the pike into Boston to be on time for a meeting at 7:30 MBTA get back to service basics and alert the public when things are delayed !


Train Rider said...

I completely agree. I don't care about Wi-Fi. I think the availability of restrooms is a great idea - the other night I took the 10:20 PM train home and had to walk back 8 cars to use the restroom. Crazy. There should be a restroom on every other car.

I also think that we should be reimbursed for parking when we have to drive because a train has been cancelled. I've made this suggestion to MBCR before, but they've never responded.

Fitchburg Rider said...

Wow! Waiting 20 minutes is obscene...I am feeling that in Mass. our train system has got to be the worst anywhere...maybe just Cabin Fever from too many late trains, cold feet, sub-standard cattle rail-cars, and seats that torture every bone in your skeleton.

Fitchburg Rider

Anonymous said...

There have been so many screw-ups on the Framingham Worcester line in the last few weeks that I really cannot keep track of them. The Monday morning cancellation of the early express, then connecting to a later local so that you had a huge train with a dead engine in the middle was different. It also did not fit in all of the stations. Stopped twice at Yawkey. I never count on getting in on time. WiFi? How about RR?