Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Get a Fast Lane

I've had a Fast Lane transponder for so many years, I actually do not know when I originally got it. Since I used to commute to work on the Pike, a transponder made a lot of sense. I don't understand why so many daily Pike commuters don't opt for the transponders.

If the reports from this morning actually materialize into reality, I can see many regular commuters signing up for a Fast Lane transponder. A new proposal is circulating that Fast Lane account holders can avoid Mass Pike toll hikes if/when the toll hikes happen. Check out the news on the BostonChannel.com and The Boston Herald.

An editorial from today's The Boston Globe floats a dual idea for fixing the budget woes plaguing the Mass Pike, MBTA, etc. The Globe's editorial staff think that a gas hike is the fairest way to generate revenue for Massachusetts transportation entities. This way everyone across the state would contribute. However, The Globe doesn't think the money should just be raised without fixing the transportation system in the Commonwealth.

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