Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Ill but the P508 was On-Time Today

I've caught something that has made me sick. I had the Monday holiday and I was home sick yesterday. Fortunately, the P508 was on-time today.

But it wasn't on-time yesterday. I received the following email from an Anonymous Worcester-Framingham commuter rail rider:
In case you're not here, yup we are late once again. everyone file your on-time service claims!

Over the past weeks, more cars' electrical outlets seem to be failing. 1709 and 1711 have been the east-most car frequently on the 508 and 523 - don't try to use power there though. :-( I've been filing the gripes with regularity, and was promised 1711 would get fixed back on the 6th.


Richard said...

I don't know when the 6:55am train finally left on Tuesday. I arrived on time and kept seeing train delayed postings, with no estimate of the delay. I decided to take the 7:15am Peter Pan bus and it arrived in Boston by 8:20, probably due to the light traffic of a school vacation week. I've had to take it before and it sometimes doesn't arrive in Boston until close to 9.

Anonymous said...

BTW, car 1709 seems to have its electrics fixed. It and 1711 seemed to have been out of rotation for a bit; 1713 was reliable.