Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Excitement ... But Not Really the "Good" Type

The commute on the P508 was exciting this morning ... as a passenger decided to try to jump on the moving train as it was leaving the Southborough stop. We slammed to a halt immediately (you can always tell when the emergency brake is engaged) and sat there for a few minutes. My understanding is that the passenger refused medical attention and went home. I'm glad that the accident wasn't more serious. I understand that people might not want to wait 30 minutes for another train, but I'm not sure it's worth your personal safety to either jump on or off a moving train.

We did arrive to South Station at around 8:27 AM, so just a few minutes off schedule, but pretty good considering the delay outside of Southborough.

In other news, it's been reported that the MBTA may be one of the beneficiaries of Governor Patrick's proposed gas tax hike, receiving about 11 cents of the 27 cent proposed increase. Yeah, we know that the MBTA is saddled with debt and poor revenues and we basically pay for poor service. I'm hoping that if this gas tax does go through, that there is some type of clause in it for improving service and maintaining the fleet of trains and buses. I just don't want a debt bail out (for all intents and purposes) and then have the MBTA continue to underperform. We riders deserve better.

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Kidney Stones said...

Interesting morning commute you've described there, but not as bad as last night's P523 (5:00 PM out of South Station).

First, there was a switch problem just before Ashland, which made us about 40 mins late. Then, about 2 miles outside of Worcester, we were going max speed, and they SLAMMED on the brakes. People literally were falling over.

Apparently, someone jumped in front of the train. I give many kudos to the engineers/conductors for engaging the E-brakes and not hitting the guy. They announced over the intercom that they hadn't hit him and that there were no casualties. We sat for about 20 mins as they tested the brakes. I can only assume that the police came to arrest this guy.

I'm sorry, but suicide in itself is probably the most cowardly act ever. Having someone else do it for you is even more pathetic. Furthermore, trying to kill yourself AND FAILING is probably the most pathetic thing I can imagine.