Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Time Commute

The on time commutes for the p508 continued this week, with an arrival to South Station around 8:20 AM.

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the walkway under construction at the Grafton lot, but I tripped this morning on the covering and nearly fell flat on my face. Just a word to the wise to be careful, because that covering gaps and you can get caught pretty easily.

According to an article on Wicked Local Westborough, a number of state representatives have banded together to urge CSX to deal with delays along the Worcester/Framingham line. In a letter to CSX, the legislators said while the company that runs the commuter trains (MBCR) is responsible for some delays, CSX also has contributed to the problem by being less responsive to problems on the tracks. A CSX spokesman confirmed that CSX was responsible for 23.8 percent of commuter rail delays in January and 17 percent in December. I think that's great information to have. I wish the MBTA/MBCR would provide this information as well.

I know that CSX maintains an open dialogue with the MBTA/MBCR regarding commuter rail performance. Hopefully, this letter is only the beginning of increase communication and oversight that will help stabilize and improve on time performance across the Worcester/Framingham line.

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AJ said...

That walkway construction has been a menace since it started! The plywood is barely tacked down. I spent time this morning looking to see how many of the interlocking plates in the middle of the walkway were actually connected to both sheets of plywood. I feel like I'm always seconds away from falling through. It was worse towards the end of the elevated stage. The middle sections bowed down so far when you walked on them you expected to get stuck in between the gaps. I hope it's finished soon.