Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Lesser of Two Evils?

Ever since Governor Patrick recommended a 19 cent per gallon gas tax increase this past weekend pundits, politicians and citizens alike have been up at arms over the proposal. The gas tax increase is a part of Governor Patrick's overall transportation reform plan, whereby revenue generated from the tax would be used to repair roads and bridges, roll back any Mass Pike toll increases and hopefully stave off any MBTA fare increases.

Hey, I don't want to pay more at the pump any more than the other person. Logically, an increase is going to happen either way. So, we either accept the gas tax increase and let the Senate and Governor Patrick hammer out the best way to reorganize the MBTA and Mass Pike or we wait and wait until we're hit with increased fares (already happening ... parking rate increase anyone?), poor service and the MBTA still mired in their billion dollar debt load.

Since I live in Central Massachusetts, I'm sure I'm going to feel the brunt regardless. For far too long, those of us from west of Route 128 have subsidized the Big Dig and the Mass Pike and it's time that ends. It shouldn't be up to a select portion of the population to fund transportation for the rest of the state, especially the ones north and south of the city that reap the most benefits. And what about the poor folks in Western Massachusetts? They're stuck paying for the Big Dig as well and they have even more to complain about. The reality is ... our transportation infrastructure is a mess. I firmly believe the lesser of two evils is the gas tax increase.

In commuting news, another on time commute to report this morning on the p508. We arrived to South Station at 8:22 AM. Good times.

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