Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cold November Rain

Guns N'Roses had it right ... rain in November is raw and cold!

The p508 commute was slightly late today ... we rolled into South Station at 8:26 AM, about 3 minutes behind schedule. In addition, it seems we were a car short, I think we had 7 double deckers, as opposed to 8 cars, so it seemed more crowded than usual.

I thought for sure that ridership would decrease a bit now that gas prices have come down almost $1.75 a gallon; but it seems that folks are still flocking to the MBTA in droves, which is a great benefit to the environment. The Boston Globe reported on the increased ridership in September as well, in this article.

Of course, gas prices really didn't start dropping dramatically until October, so I would be interested to see what the ridership stats are next month. And, I wonder if this will change when the uptick in parking fees happen on November 15th? I'm sure this will impact commuter rail ridership stats more so that the subway or bus.

In other news, The Patriot Ledger reports that commuters who rely on bus transportation from Marshfield to the Braintree T station will have to find another way to get there, as the bus has been eliminated due to a loss of the state subsidy.


Anonymous said...

I almost missed the P506 this morning because it was running on time, despite what the MBTA advisory said about trains running 15-20 minutes late because of CSX communications failure. I saw the alert before I left my house and took my time driving to the station. Shame on me for believing the advisory! I won't be doing that again!

PAPERBOY 54 said...

How do I send something to the owner of thos blog, for their consideration to post it and not leave it as just a COMMENT

here goes !

I urge all Commuter Rail riders to use DOLLAR COINS at all parking locations
They fit fine on the Worcester line and are available at all major banks in rolls of 25!

At Westborough 650 spaces X 4 dollar coins =2600 coins a day
at 1 ounce they'd weigh 162.5 pounds a day other stations along the route would weigh in that range too.

Make them break a sweat and work for their money like we do!

You are encouraged to use mass transit then punished with an ever rising fee now $4.00 and no receipt to prove you have paid!



NO folding necessary!