Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Day Commute

Short weeks are the best. This was my last commute into work for this week. The P508 train was 5 minutes late in arriving to Grafton this morning. But we made up our time and arrived into South Station at 8:24 a.m.

Delays have been plaguing the Providence line over the past few days. I heard about delays this a.m. on the news and Annonymous posted a comment here.

Wicked Local Easton published yet another take on the South Coast line extension yesterday, while Wicked Local Roslindale wrote a column about why toll hikes are bad.

If you need to drive somewhere to get to your Thanksgiving celebration, you might find this article posted today on MSN titled "Highways to Hell" - the top 10 worst highways in the US. Though no roadways in Massachusetts made this list (I know, I was shocked), two New England roads did: Maine Highway 1 and the I-95/I-195 interchange in Providence, RI.

Here's an interesting fact: Maine rural highways have the highest fatality rate of any rural road in the US (81%).

Safe travels to wherever it is you are going this holiday weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, with the new reconfiguration of the I-95 and I-195 interchange in Providence, things will improve. I believe it should all be in place within a year or less. But, yes, in the meantime it's just plain dangerous!!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, you should have been on the 2:40 p.m. (P517) on Wednesday 'cause it was a nightmare. First, they sent only a single-level train, rather than a big double-decker. They should have known that there'd be a huge crowd for Thanksgiving, and there was. The train was too bloody small and when it pulled into Back Bay it just set there for about 40 minutes. People were trying to clamor into the train like drowning Titanic passengers tried to clamor into the full lifeboats. It just was impossible to fit anymore people on the train. The engineer should have pulled away 'cause there was no friggin' room for anyone. MBTA SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

I was on the 4:05 (p519) train out of South Station on Wednesday evening. It was PACKED. Once we got to Back Bay, there were people who had been waiting to get on the train since the 2:40 (P517) one.

I guess MBTA managers at Back Bay told anyone who was denied boarding on the 2:40 could ride free on the 4:05. That's good customer service. I will say that the conductor on my car radioed it in for confirmation, which I thik was the right thing to do.