Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Election Day Commute

I voted this morning and hope everyone who can vote does vote. Truth be told, I'm so giddy after voting this morning . . . . go candidates and stuff I voted for. My polling station is literally around the corner from my house, but there was a line of voters waiting to cast their ballots at 7 a.m. The line moved quickly - in about 10 minutes I had my ballot and selected my candidates / ballot question answers.

There was a ton of traffic on the way to the Grafton commuter rail station. I had to take back roads to make it to the station on time. Due to voting, I took the P512 train in this morning. We had a smooth commute and arrived at South Station around 9:08 a.m., exactly on time.

I heard from Commute-a-holic, who also voted before work. The lines at Commute's voting precinct were orderly and moved fast. It is good to hear that, at least in the Blackstone Valley, thus far today's vote is processing smoothly.

In terms of MBTA/MBCR news, things were pretty quiet today. However, a Peabody man was killed after driving into a commuter rail train in Salem.

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