Friday, November 14, 2008

A November Miracle!

HALLELUJAH! The p508 was on time today for the first time in weeks! We rolled on into South Station at 8:22 AM, one minute prior to the scheduled arrival time.

When I boarded in Grafton, I thought for sure we were going to be late because we were short a car and all of the doors weren't open on the cars we did have, meaning that it would take longer to board passengers at each stop.

I did notice at one point that we were absolutely motoring through Newton and along the Pike, so perhaps it did take longer to board but our awesome engineer made up the time (like pilots do in the air).

Last night's commute on the p523 was a cluster. Again, the train was at least one car short and the cars were absolutely packed. I think this is the first time in over five years that I've had to stand. I'll hand it to the conductor, she came through and collected everyone's pass ... usually they don't even bother when the train is full like that.

So, today was my last $2 parking fee day. Looks like I'll miss out contributing to the T debt on Monday and Tuesday as I'll be heading to NYC for a business trip ... but instead I'll get to pay whatever new outrageous toll for the Pike and Airport that they come up with.

And props to AJ, he has succinctly stated what a lot of us feel. Why should we, the taxpayer, continue to bail out entities, agencies or companies who have mismanaged their finances? Do you think someone is waiting in the wings to bail me out? Nope. No wonder why we're all so disenfranchised.

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