Friday, November 7, 2008

Drive to Work Friday

Due to an after-work event, I drove into the office today. I was totally rocking out to the AC/DC station I found on my XM Satellite radio. Good times.

My commute on the Mass Pike was zippy. I noticed the P508 passing me when I was on the Newton stretch of the Pike, around 8:06 a.m. So I'm going to say it was fairly on schedule this morning.

When I read this article from today's The Boston Globe I thought about the MBTA "be nice" campaign launched a few weeks ago. Still pondering why just riders are being asked to "be nice." Shouldn't everyone be nice? Yes, I understand drivers and other T employees have difficult jobs. They're transporting us and they have to deal with the public. Yet, I also understand why remaining professional is essential. Public needs to be courtesy, drivers, etc. need to be courtesy.

Somehow I think we missed this story from Wednesday on The T started selling bonds as soon as they knew that Question 1 failed. The T also named a new transit police chief.

In other news, the Marshfield to Braintree bus service ends on November 18th. The Sierra Club thinks that the Silver Line Phase III is a bad idea.

Finally, WickedLocal Salem published an article about how accidents impact train workers.


Kidney Stones said...

The P508 arrived in South Station at approximately 8:25.

Boo for two minutes late!

It's amazing how being late by even ONE minute can make a person late to work by 15 minutes or more. That one minute could mean missing a Silver Line bus, and if there's not another one waiting, forget it.

Anonymous said...

Another free trip on the P508 today. That is 3 out of 9 trips so far this week (or rather if I hadn't paid for a monthly pass it would be free) I just don't understand how they can be short money when they act like they have a surplus cause they don't need to collect the daily fares.