Thursday, December 18, 2008

At My Wits End

What is left to complain about? Trains were late AGAIN this morning. If you took the p506, p508 or are currently taking the p512 ... you're screwed. I'm not even sure what time the p508 pulled into South Station, all I know is that I'm submitting another reimbursement request.

I don't even have the energy to complain anymore, that's how sad it is. I'm seriously thinking of giving up the T and driving.


Anonymous said...

The P508 did not pick up any Worcester passengers-Grafton was the first stop where it picked up passengers.

The 715 intracity Greyhound bus arived at SouthStation before 830 AM

Kidney Stones said...

Wow. I took the 6:05 AM train out of Worcester this morning because I had to ensure I'd be at work by 9:00 AM (sad, isn't it? I should be able to count on the P508 for that). Very glad I didn't rely on the p508!

Sorry to hear about yet another terrible commute.

Anonymous said...

I got to the station in Natick, took one look at the display telling us the 508 would be a no show yet again, and turned right back to walk home.

Luckily for me there are days when I can work from home. No doubt that isn't true for a lot of people though.

What a complete disgrace the MBTA is. It needs to be overhauled, top to bottom.

Richard said...

I'm sorry to hear about the mess with the 6:55am train. I took the 7:35am train out of Worcester. It left about 15 minutes late and got to Back Bay about 9:15, which was 15 minutes late. Does anybody know what they told the people waiting in Worcester for the 6:55 to do? Were they instructed to drive to Grafton? It's really a disgrace that this has happened. I think the governor and the lieutenant governor need to address this and maybe have a meeting with frustrated Worcester train riders. Some of the Boston companies whose workforce are commuters should consider investing in new trains and make the MBTA accountable for every penny they spend. Then their workforce can arrive on time and their productivity will increase. There appears to be no accountability in the MBTA and it's a real hindrance on the state's economy and future growth.

POd Commuter said...


Over the course of 9 work days, starting on Monday, Dec. 8th, there have been substantial delays on the inbound morning Worcester-Framingham line trains on 6 out of 9 days. I'll give a bye to the MBCR/MBTA for the delay during last Friday (Dec 12th) ice storm. Last Monday (Dec 8th) was frigid. So maybe they could get a bye there, if we're going to make excuses.

That still means that the trains were delayed on FOUR DAYS. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. This is not even close to being acceptable. Six days out of 9 is pathetic. The inbound trains have been delayed 66% of the time. That isn't even remotely close to the 95% on time service guarantee.

I think people should start tallying up the actual cost AND the associated costs of delays and send those bills to Dan Grabauskas. He only has to worry about road delays on Route 128, as he doesn't even use the commuter rail to get to Boston from Ipswich. Heck, he probably doesn't even need to arrive into the office for a set time like the rest of us do. What does he car - he's the big cheese - he can play by his own rules.

What is going to feed to the media this time? "Oh - we have a pay by phone program and we have WiFi, who cares if the trains are delayed."

Along with sending the bills to Dan, we should start telling this blog how much our commutes cost. Let's look beyond the set monthly fare costs and parking costs. Factor in the tolls and parking fees associated with when you HAVE to drive into work b/c you can't count on the commuter rail to get you there.

I can't wait to slip on the ice at my local commuter rail station lot. I'll be sure to sue the MBTA ASAP. I'll also be sure to call the media. I'll make the incident with the bus driver in Shrewsbury who dropped the kid off on Route 9 look like child's play. This is absolutely pathetic.

I would rather pay the mafia money to get into Boston. At least I could count on good service, as they would already have my $$. They do seem to care about customer service far more than Danny G. and the rest of the MBTA hacks do.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to ride the P510out of Framingham this morning. It actually left on time and ran pretty close to schedule.It was pretty full because of the 508 running so late but at least it ran. I was a little late today but not nearly as bad as it has been the last two weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

I'm "new" to the Worcester line (started in May). What has been discussed in the past as to courses of action that can be taken against the MBTA? Each and every one of us is frustrated. There must be something we can do...

Anonymous said...

I arrived at Westborough around 7:05 and saw the light was blinking and the alarm dinging and wrote it off as broken like everything else, and all of a sudden a train pulls in. Scared my clock was wrong or the P508 was super early (ha!) I ran to get it, it being the very late P506.

We arrived at 8:29, only 6 minutes later than the 508's theoretical arrival so I wasn't totally screwed and the MBTA got me some cardio while I sprinted to the platform.

Anonymous said...

The conductor on the P506 came on and apologized for the delay, saying it was a problem with the brakes on the train. But they announced the P508 delay at the same time as the P506. So did both trains have brake problems?