Monday, December 15, 2008

WiFi on North of Boston Trains

The Boston Business Journal reports that free WiFi service is now available on commuter rail trains that commute into / depart out of North Station. The Lt. Governor announced the service at a press conference today. Here's the scoop:
“The positive feedback we’ve received from commuters who are using Wi-Fi on the trains has been fantastic,” Murray said in a statement. “It became clear early on in the pilot that this service should be expanded to all commuter rail trains, and is just one way we can improve commuter services in the commonwealth. I commend the MBTA and General Manager (Daniel) Grabauskas on their efforts to expand this program.”

Under the expansion project, 258 of the MBTA’s 410 commuter rail coaches will be equipped with Wi-Fi service. Installation of the units began Dec. 1, and will produce 30 Internet capable coaches per month. A Wi-Fi logo will be posted on the exterior of coaches with wireless access.


neuhausen said...

wel this is really good. cant live without wifi.

Anonymous said...

I saw 2 Wi-Fi-enabled cars on the Haverhill line on 12/16 and was glad to see this initiative finally gaining some ground. However, since 12/16, *none* of the inbound trains from Haverhill, nor any of the outbound trains I see leave from North Station on weekday evenings, have included the garishly-colored AT&T Wi-Fi cars.

It would seem that they were trotted out once for the big announcement and then moved back to the trains serving the south of Boston. I for one will be very surprised if this Wi-Fi program is actually implemented as promised. Just another MBTA disappointment, I suppose, and I shouldn't be surprised...