Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Festivus Transportation News Round Up

Here's hoping today's commute on the Worcester-Framingham commuter rail line is better than yesterday's.

Train Rider is away on a pre-holiday business trip. Good luck with those travels.

According to WCVB-TV, Channel 5, commuters on the Rockport commuter rail line are being bused from Lynn to the Blue Line due to a draw bridge stuck in the open position in Saugus. Also, I heard there are delays on the Fairmont commuter rail line.

Seinfeld fans know that today is Festivus. This is a good day to air your grievances.

Remember the MIT students who found the security flaws with the MBTA's Charlie Card? The T tried to sue them earlier this year? Guess what . . . they're now working with the T to help make the system more secure.

Here's more about the car accident yesterday in Abington. Boy, was that driver lucky he didn't hurt himself or the people on the commuter rail. Read about it in today's The Boston Globe or Boston Metro.

A follow-up to the Telegram & Gazette's editorial on the appointment of James Aloisi as the new Secretary of Transportation.

Today's Globe reports that some of the Pike's urgent financial issues aren't so urgent thanks to a complex financial deal the authority closed yesterday.

Finally, Newbury wants to join the on-call transportation service offered by the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority.


Framingham Rider said...

The P500 was a joy this morning. On-time, mostly empty and pretty warm. Two-thumbs up!

Sarah J said...

My Festivus commute was not too bad. I took the P502 this morning and we got into South Station right around the posted arrival time. Last night, on the other hand, was a different story.

Due to missing the P502 train and the delays on the P504 train, I took the P529 (6:15PM) home. There were signal issues from Back Bay to West Natick so we were going pretty slow most of the way. By the time reached West Natick we were about 15 minutes behind schedule. So, that's not TOO bad. Then there was an announcement...

Apparently, a car was stuck on the tracks in Framingham and the police were holding us up. We sat there for a good 45 minutes. I walked through my front door at around 8:45PM last night. That's just over 15 hours from the moment I left my house until I got home, and 5 of them were spent on trains!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping today's commute on the Worcester-Framingham commuter rail line is better than yesterday's.

Nope! Live and direct from the p508, which was 15 minutes late into Southborough and we are just now (08:15) going through the Newtons.

Innismir said...

"The case against the three was finally settled on Oct. 7, but this was not publicly announced until Monday, because it took two months for all parties to schedule a public announcement of the settlement"

Wow. A month and a half delay? You can tell the MBTA was involved....


Anonymous said...

506 was 20 minutes late, but at least some cars were double-deckers and most seemed to have heat...