Monday, December 29, 2008

Where was the P504 Today?

Train Rider is back. I did ask Santa to make sure that the MBTA/MBCR commuter rail performs with a 95% on-time performance. That's all I wanted for Christmas. Too bad Santa didn't listen to me. Today was another fine Monday.

I had a very early meeting this morning. So, instead of taking the P508, I attempted to take the P504. Guess what - the P504, which departs Grafton at 6:19 a.m., was cancelled this morning. I have no idea why the train wasn't running - it seems par for the course on Monday's. Has the MBTA/MBCR been able to make sure the Monday morning trains on the Worcester line actually run when they are supposed to? It wasn't snowing this morning. It wasn't freezing cold. Monday's happen - so where was the train?

Based on feedback shared by one of my coworkers, I do believe the P508 ran on schedule today.

Total bummer about the Pats, huh? That's what we get for counting on the Jets. Stupid Jets. Stupid Brett Favre.


Kidney Stones said...

The P508 was phenomenal today! Pulled into South Station at 8:19 AM. Train was fairly empty too, another added bonus.

Anonymous said...

I hate the train for making me .5 hrs late for work AGAIN today.

I would also like to report that car 925 on the Worcester line appears to have working internet, at least on the end closest to S. Stn. Someone ought to be keeping track of these things, since the internet almost never works on this line.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out that our "T alert" for the P504 came at 6:57am, 7 minutes later than the train was supposed to arrive at Framingham, and 20 minutes after we'd left the house to catch said nonexistent train.

Also, the announcement at Framingham station said "The next train will be leaving Worcester at 6:30am." That provides very little information to someone standing in Framingham waiting for the P504, or really for anyone not working for the T. Which one is the "next" train? Is the message just for people at Worcester? How long am I going to be standing here in the cold? @$$%#*&$!!!