Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Commute was Atrocious and Other News

Yup, that's right, my commute was atrocious. Don't know why today was all screwed up. It wasn't snowing. Its not raining. It is actually fairly warm. I understand when the trains are delayed due to weather events and I understand that from time to time, the trains won't run on time. But what is going on with the Worcester line? You can't tell me that the line is going to have a high on-time approval rate this month? Because, for the past two weeks, the trains have been beyond bad.

Not only have the trains been horrific in their on-time performance, but what is up with the parking lots? The Grafton lot was absolutely pathetic last night. For $4, the least the T could do is to come by and make sure that someone is sanding or plowing the lots. Dan Grabauskas and MBTA team - I know you read this blog. Care to blow some smoke up our butts and tell us why the lots aren't taken care of? You are one big pathetic organization.

As much as I believe in public transportation, I am seriously contemplated driving to Boston or using a private bus service. Enough is enough.

Since our entire transportation network seems to be unraveling, here is the news you need to know.

Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi weighs' in on the Governor's proposed pick as the new Secretary of Transportation. Joan pretty much feels the same way as most of the editorial staffs feel - that Aloisi is not the right person for the job.

Also, in today's Globe and Telegram & Gazette: lawmakers debate if there should be a toll increase or an increase to the gas tax. NECN has video with their report.

Today's Boston Herald reports that Boston Mayor Tom Menino does not think the seatless Red Line cars are a good idea. The MBTA claims that, in a survey on the seatless cars, 2 out of 3 riders said they would travel again in the seatless Red Line car. Approximately 300 people have completed the survey - so 66% of respondents said they don't mind the seatless cars. This is what the Mayor had to say:
“They’re taking the seats out and making people stand up, that’s not a transportation plan,” Menino said during a legislative hearing on tolls this morning. Menino said MBTA officials should come up with another way to handle the increased ridership.

The Bostonist takes a page from San Francisco's MUNI Manners by advising on T-appropriate etiquette. If you have an idea for what consists of good manners on the T, email The Bostonist at tips AT Here are the first two:

  1. Wearing sweatpants ripped in inappropriate places.
  2. Slurping the crumbs from your finger after eating a Dunkin Donuts muffin. (We've all had them. They're not that good.)
I did enjoy the headline that Boston Magazine's Boston Daily came up with regarding the T employees who failed the drug tests situation: "High Times on the MBTA?"

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