Thursday, November 29, 2007

At Least This Wasn't My Train

According to an article in today's Boston Business Journal, last evening's commute for North Shore commuter rail riders left a lot to be desired.

Due to switching equipment repairs, commuters faced 2-hour plus delays!! The delays were caused when a Beverly train crossed over the North Station drawbridge and ran through a stop sign. Ooops!

There were 250 people on the train that ran the stop sign. Those riders ended up on another train. But hundreds, if not thousands, of riders weren't so lucky. Commuters who rely on the Haverhill, Newburyport, and Rockport line were stuck at North Station.

The MBCR claims they offered stranded commuters the opportunity to take a bus home. But a lot of those stranded dispute the MBCR's claims.

According the MBCR, an "engineer" caused the problem. Seriously!

I feel like I have to worry about a lot in regard to commuting - I'm either riding on a train that is really out of date OR I'm riding on a train where the trains employees may not be at 100% par.

Well, I'm sure the MBCR is happy November is almost over. It would be pretty bad to start the month of December with a 2-hour delay deficit!

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