Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Perhaps there isn't a better day to launch a blog about the trials and tribulations of commuting by commuter rail in Massachusetts than on the busiest travel day of the year.

I've been commuting into Boston on the Worcester-Framingham-Boston Commuter Rail line for close to five years. And I'm tired of the delays. I'm tired of paying $250 a month for what amounts to second class service. If I could only get paid back the time and the money spent traveling into Boston on the Pike, sitting in traffic - perhaps I wouldn't have to commute into Boston anymore.

This morning I read two articles that have angered me and inspired me. The Boston edition of the Metro confirmed what I have known for months - that the commuter rail employees are actively waging a silent strike (

The second article, from today's Boston Globe, published yet another article on commuter rail delays (

I'm tired of waiting on delayed trains or sitting in traffic in my attempt to get into work. I'm motivated to take action and I hope I can inspire some of my fellow commuters to engage in a conservation that will improve commuter rail service in Massachusetts.

Happy Thanksgiving and here's to finding a blissful commute.

Train Rider!

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