Friday, November 30, 2007

Lt. Governor Tim Murphy Said Worcester Train Line Announcement Forthcoming

Lt. Governor Tim Murphy is quoted in an article that ran in today's Worcester Telegram & Gazette that "an announcement about improved Worcester commuter service will be made in the a few days. "

I can't wait to hear what this announcement will be all about. I hope that they will (1) guarantee that trains will run according to schedule and (2) increase the number of inbound and outbound trains on the Worcester - Framingham - Boston commuter rail line.

The article was mainly about efforts from some Fitchburg and Leominster elected officials regarding improved commuter rail service to those communities. It sounds like the Fitchburg line riders face much of the same issues that impact the Worcester line - mainly extremely long commutes into Boston because of numerous train stops.

Fitchburg and Leominster are located west of Boston and they are very close to Massachusetts/New Hampshire border. Beyond the commuter rail, Route 2 is the main travel route into Boston for Massachusetts residents who live in the Fitchburg/Leominster area.

I hope my elected state officials (Jennifer Callahan and Richard Moore) will be advocating for improved service on the Worcester line!


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent forum for venting about the commuter rail. I ride the Worcester line as well and was livid when I heard about the silent strike. I hope that the supposed MBCR changes and the new bond help improve service on this line.

Train Rider said...

Anonymous from the Worcester Line,

Thank you for your feedback. I hope that my "venting" will create something positive for those of us who rely on the Worcester - Framingham line for our commuting needs.

See you on the train!
Train Rider