Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Posted yesterday to Globewatch on Boston.com. A commuter rail rider who picks up the outbound train at the Back Bay Station, said that it is very difficult trying to figure out which train is the one you need to get on. Of course, the announcements for the trains make it even more confusing. Everyone is passing blame, but no one seems to be doing anything to fix the system.

And what does the T have to say - the Back Bay station is "outdated." They're spending $4 million to upgrade Back Bay, South Station and North Station (which call me crazy, but didn't North Station get upgraded when the new Garden was built???).

Since conductors are suppose to announce the arrival of each train as it reaches Back Bay Station, the T has asked for feedback from customers IF their trains aren't announced.

If you have feedback on anything related to commuter rail service, I encourage you to write to the General Manager of MBTA:
Daniel A. Grabauskas
General Manager
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
10 Park Plaza
Suite 3910
Boston, MA 02216

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