Friday, November 30, 2007

Train Pet Peeves for Friday, 11.30.2007

Well the last morning commute for the month of November left a lot to be desired.

My top three annoyances with the commuter rail this morning are as follows:
  1. The Worcester - Framingham - Boston inbound train was 15 minutes behind schedule because the train in front of us broke down.
  2. There was absolutely, positively no heat in my car. To make it worse, the "heat" was actually blowing cool air. Too bad there isn't cool air in the cars in the summer. And it is brisk outside - only in the 30s.
  3. We had an old car. You couldn't see out the windows. Which is pretty sad because it was such a bright and sunny morning.
To think, it costs me nearly $15.50 a day to ride the train , not counting what I have to pay for parking at the Grafton station ($2.00 a day). For $250 a month, I should receive more than just a mediocre trip into the city.


Anonymous said...

Hi - just found your blog after googling this "silent strike" by our train conductors. I ride the Franklin line every day and agree the service has been just awful these past months on all lines (not that it was great before...) Look forward to reading more.

Train Rider said...

Anonymous from Franklin! Thanks for visiting Train Stopping. I'm sorry to hear that service on the Franklin commuter rail line has also been impacted over the past few months. I'm hoping this blog will help motivate the State to make sure that commuter rail service is a good, consistent experience. I hope you visit again and feel free to let your fellow Franklin line commuters now about the blog. Thanks! Train Rider