Friday, March 7, 2008

A Bad Providence Line Commuter Rail Trip

I came upon writer Robert Gillis' blog. Mr. Gillis recently experienced a commuter rail ride that most of us have, unfortunately, also experienced.

His train (I'm guessing the 810 inbound on the Providence line) was late and the MBTA/MBCR didn't do a great job in providing commuters at the (once again I'm guessing) Sharon station with updates about the delayed train. He was "only" 50 minutes late to work as a result of the delayed train.

Mr. Gillis also mentioned that he has been receiving his reimbursements for the on-time service guarantees, even though it takes months to receive a reimbursement.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, yep, you have the details exactly right. Update: The MBTA did not send refunds for five late trips this winter and at this point I'm waiting on three more. Arg. Train was 20 minutes late this morning...