Monday, March 31, 2008

Boston Globe Transportation Editorial and NTSB Won't Investigate Stoughton Commuter Rail Accident

Two news stories this morning.

First, The Boston Globe published an editorial on State Senate President Therese Murray's transportation proposals. The Senate President wants to:
to improve the way the state administers programs essential to the mobility of
Massachusetts residents. Over the years, unnecessary costs and erratic
management of transportation work - not to mention rampant problems with the Big Dig - have undermined public confidence. Only when state leaders regain that
trust can a fruitful discussion be opened on raising revenues for much-needed

To accomplish this, Sen. Murray is proposing a number of different initiatives, including eliminating police details for road work and asking new MBTA employees and MBTA retirees to contribute more to fund the cost of their health insurance.

The state is currently facing a $19.5 billion infrastructure spending tab.

In a separate article, the Globe also reports that the National Transportation Safety Board will not be investigating last' week's Stoughton Commuter Rail crash.

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