Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Worcester-Framingham Line Commutes Right On Schedule

Spring is in the air! I hope this isn't a late-winter tease. And I can't believe Daylight Savings starts on Sunday!

Trains were right on schedule for the evening commute last night, as the the p529 arrived right on schedule at 7:19 p.m.

This morning the p508 arrived at Back Bay right at 8:17 a.m. We did travel rather slowly through the Allston freight yard this morning, which I'm sure contributed to "right on time" as opposed to a minute or two ahead of schedule.

Last night, the loudspeaker wasn't working in the car, so none of the stop announcements were heard. I thought I had slept through my stop, which is of course hard to do because it's the second to last stop. But still, it's not like you can see out of those windows to actually determine what stop you're at.

Speaking of the inability to see out of the commuter rail train's windows (well at least the cars they put on the Worcester-Framingham line), BostonNOW reported this morning that commuter rail upgrades are supposedly coming. The MBTA Board of Directors will consider $9.3 million in commuter rail improvements. I still find it hilarious that Dan Grabauskas said in his interview with WBUR on Friday that the T isn't "responsible" for the commuter rail lines. Well, if you aren't responsible, Dan, why might your agency be spending nearly $10 million in improvements?

One of the items slated to be included in the commuter rail improvements - replacement windows for the coaches. I wonder what it will be like to actually see outside during my train rides?


AJ said...

Couple quick comments.

1) Don't undermine sleeping through Grafton. While it is the 2nd to last stop, it's not like the versa of sleeping through Back Back and being 5 minutes past where you wanna be. It's 20-25 minutes to Worcester, and then you have to inconvenience a friend or family member to drive all the way out to Union Station.

2) I did a quick search because I thought they had already agreed to replace windows to the tune of some-odd million early last year. After readin the BostonNOW link, and finding a story on Boston.com, they did 6,000 windows to the tune of 2.3 million in 2006, but only on the Haverhill line.

Like you said though, hopefully we'll get to at least see some of the new windows, and maybe even some new cars in three years!

Train Rider said...


I did sleep all the way from Boston to Westborough once ... and that was the local! Usually I wake up when I hear a lot of people moving around, but last night, it was odd, the train car I was in was pretty quiet.

I thought the same thing about the window replacement. I also thought that it was supposed to be across the entire fleet of trains, not just concentrated on one line. I actually took pictures from my cell phone this AM of the "view" from the windows, but Verizon is weird and I can't forward them to an email address to be able to post in the blog. I'll have to bring my regular camera one of these days.

Train Rider

Train Rider said...

. . . I posted too fast.

Three years for new cars ... that's crazy!!