Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Blog About the MBTA/MBCR Commuter Rail Experience

We learned about another new blog written about the MBTA/MBCR commuter rail experience. The new blog's title is A Boston Commuter Speaks. We have a link to the blog in our Train News section.

A Boston Commuter Speaks is another blog about the Franklin line - the Franklin Forge 495 line to be exact. Wow - the Franklin line is definitely in the running for the "worst commuter rail line experience" competition with the Worcester-Framingham line.

Learn more in this post about why Boston Commuter started the A Boston Commuter Speaks. I think many MBTA/MBCR commuter rail riders would agree with her comments.

Thanks Boston Commuter for the heads-up about your blog.


Anonymous said...

I am a train conductor and I'm tired of people saying were letting people ride free ! When u monthly riders forget you pass you want a free ride because you forgot your pass sorry you must but read the back of the schedule ! You still must pay . And please take off your earphone maybe you will hear your stop. Also don't sleep on the train we don't babysit we cut tickets and stop trying to put back on your 12 ride back together ! Please listen evry conductor that rides the train doesn't live near the destination so if the trains late its a longer drive for them . And if the train breaks we are not mechanics . Before you talk about us look at yourself

Jeff said...

I have been ridung a long time, sorry pal you guys don't collect fares correctly, most are socializing with people they know, hiding in the front with the engineer, or in the vestibules between coaches. Thi comment shows quality of the people employed by the MBCR. Most are conscientious and do their job but way way too many are rude, ignorant, lazy and inconsiderate.