Friday, March 7, 2008

Evening Commute and MBCR Response to Email Complaint

The commute on the P533 (which departs South Station at 7:15 pm) was on time this evening, but I wanted to vent about lack of fare collection on the train (well, in my car anyway, I was second car from the back) and the fact that no announcements were made either. In fact, one of my fellow commuters missed the Framingham stop and had to frantically call someone to come get him in Ashland.

I also received a reply from MBCR regarding the email complaint I sent with respect to the icy Grafton parking lot last week. I'm not surprised that the email actually tells me now to contact someone else to seek follow up, even though the MBCR website specifically states that they (MBCR) are responsible for the parking lots.

Here is the text of the email:

Dear Train Rider,
I have read your email regarding the parking lot not being cleared properly at the Grafton commuter rail station.

The responsibility for this parking facility falls under the purview of Central Parking. They may be reached by calling (617) 695-6356 or by email at

I realize that this information is late in coming to you; while I do make every effort to respond in a timelier manner I am not always able to achieve that goal and apologize for that shortcoming.

Linda Dillon
MBCR Customer Service Manager

Well, at least it's Friday and thus no more commuting for two days. Enjoy the weekend!

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