Friday, March 21, 2008

Mass Pike News


Train Rider's company is closed today due to the Good Friday and the Easter holiday. So we do not have a MBTA/MBCR commuter rail update.

After a blitz of news stories about the MBTA/MBCR over the past few weeks, things have been very quiet in the train world. The media's focus has switched from trains to cars, with the Mass Pike now in the spotlight.

Fitchburg Rider shared with Train Stopping an article published in the Wednesday, March 19th issue of The Boston Globe about the financial woes plaguing the Mass Pike. From a debt standpoint, the Pike is essentially in the same boat as the MBTA. To increase revenues, the Pike may be re-instating tolls on the four Western Mass exits and the Newton/Rt. 16 toll. These tolls were eliminated in 1996. Thanks Fitchburg Rider for sharing this article.

In other Mass Pike news, the Pike may be enlarging the Rt. 495 interchange. The Metro-West Daily News reported on this in today's issue.

I hope everyone has a good commute today and a nice weekend.

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