Friday, February 29, 2008

Train Stopping Featured on's "New England Blogs"

This is certainly a Leap Day treat.

Train Stopping was featured today on's "New England Blogs" blog roll. I've created a mock-up showing the mention.



Garth & Sandra said...

This blog is a grea find! I am going to be commuting in from Framingham to Longwood beginning this summer. Do you know anything about the Yawkey station? Your description of the deserted Grafton station reminds me of Yawkey whenever we pass it...kind of creepy empty - not sure I'd feel safe getting off there..

Train Rider said...

Garth and Sandra,

Hello. Thanks for visiting.

While I do not have personal experiences of the Yawkey stop on the MBTA/MBCR Worcester-Framingham commuter rail line, Helen who writes a blog called The Importance of Dessert( is a commuter who commutes from Boston outbound on the Worcester-Framingham line. She is doing a reverse commute compared to most of the Worcester-Framingham line riders.

You may want to visit her blog. She is upset with the recent changes made to the Worcester-Framingham line because of the elimination of some of the inbound from Worcester afternoon trains that stop at Yawkey Way.

Good luck with your new commute!

Train Rider