Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mass Pike Proposes a Single Pass for Cars, Trains and Parking Lots

Officials from the Massachusetts Turnpike, looking to increase revenue, are proposing that a mass transit pass good for Pike tolls, the MBTA and access to state-run parking facilities be implemented.

In an article from today's Boston Herald, Mass Pike head Alan LeBovidge said he
"wants to establish electronic links between the Pike and other agencies that would allow people to travel seamlessly across transportation modes, instead of digging for change or different passes."
The Pike is looking to hire a firm that can create these "links" and make changes to the Pike's Fast Lane automated collection system. The T has met with the Pike to discuss this system. T riders who use a Charlie Card would be able to pay tolls and ride the T with funds being automatically withdrawn from the user's bank account.


Anonymous said...

I approve of this initiative if it ever gets off of the ground, especially if it helps with parking at commuter lots. Sometimes, I just don't have dollar bills or enough change for the $2.00 fee!

Train Rider said...


I definitely second the ability to pay electronically for my daily parking at the Grafton Station's lot. I detest the parking "machines" and I really don't like getting charged again on days that I've already paid.

It would be interesting to see if this idea could work. My one fear - that the cost to integrate systems that aren't yet integrated together minimizes any real cost savings or benefits to commuters.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for visiting.
Train Rider