Friday, February 15, 2008

MBTA Chief Grabauskas Email Issue

Train Rider finally returned to Boston very late yesterday. Due to the extra day of travel, Train Rider will not be commuting into Boston today. Train Rider anticipates returning to the rails on Tuesday - the day the new schedule goes into effect on the Worcester-Framingham line.

Most of today's news surrounds the brouhaha over the nasty emails Dan Grabauskas received from an irate MBTA commuter rail rider who also happens to be an employee of the State of Massachusetts.

It is unfortunate that the press has chosen to focus on the fact that the person lodging the complaints is a state employee instead of honing in on the issue at hand: the commuter rail lines are not running even close to an optimal standard and no one who is in charge seems to really care about that.

This could be a perfect opportunity for the media to focus on the issues that have plagued the Worcester-Framingham line for nearly a year. Of course, the media probably thinks the issues have been "resolved" since a new "accurate" schedule will be implemented on Tuesday. What the media is failing to miss is the fact that this new schedule may cause more cars to be on already congested highways because the new times do not jive with someone's schedule. Plus the riders who are going to remain may still be riding on trains that don't arrive at their destination on time, may or may not have heat, may be overcrowded, and may not have their fares collected.

Here is the media run down on the Grabauskas controversy this morning:

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