Monday, February 25, 2008

Wormtown Taxi and I'm From Worcester

Commute-a-holic and I would like to thank Jeff of the Wormtown Taxi blog and Claudia Snell of I'm From Worcester each individually recognized Train Stopping on their "excellent blogs" list.

Wormtown Taxi said the following about Train Stopping in the "Excellent Blogulation" post:
Commute-a-holic and Train Rider tell it like it really is in the Train Stopping blog. You can read about the Worcester to Boston commuter rail PR in the T&G, but when you read this blog you find out what's actually going on.
I'm From Worcester made the following comments:
Oh my... this one made me totally re-think my previous thinking about possibly using the commuter rail to get to Boston for work. I'm not loving the Pike but it doesn't look like the train will cure everything either. Great information and much more realistic than stuff written by folks that don't actually use the thing.

Thanks Jeff and Claudia!

Train Rider

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