Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inbound Commute and WiFi

The commute was fine this morning.

I took the 7:49 a.m. train (P512) out of Grafton. We were at Back Bay at 8:57 a.m. I think this made us a few minutes behind schedule.

Interesting observation/comment. . . my seat mate was asking the conductor about Wi-Fi . I guess it's only in certain cars on certain trains. Anyhoo, the conductor kind of went off . She said something like "why do you think the T is spending this money? To appease you when the trains are late! Why not use the money to fix doors that are broken or update the HVAC units? It's a waste."

AMEN to that sister!

Hey MBTA - if you want to improve the commuter rail experience AND increase ridership, how about just getting us to our destination on time most of the time. We're not looking for all these bells and whistles - we just want to get to work on time and we want to get home on time.

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AJ said...

It's amazing that when prompted, everyone has the same response to this new WiFi test. "It's to distract people from the problems at hand." It just shows how far removed the people in charge of these things are that they don't realize what the needs/concerns of their patrons are. I also LOVED the end of the Jim Armstrong piece with the pointing of fingers. Keep up the good work Train Stopper.