Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Day Taking the P502 to Work

I was at the office pretty late last night. Maybe I should have just slept under my desk because I was back on the P502 this morning. I had to be in the office for a very early conference call. Yes, one would think I could conduct the conference call from the luxury of my home, but I also had to host a webinar and I couldn't do that outside the confines of my corporate IT environment.

Today's commute, in the rain, was fine. The train was right on time. Although, I cannot be sure of the exact time we rolled into Boston because I stumbled blindly off the commuter rail and onto an Orange Line train to get to my house. I wonder if I was even awake?

With two early mornings and a late night, I'm hoping I'll be on either the P519 or the P523 train home tonight!

Just a reminder . . . for riders of the Fairmont, Franklin, Greenbush, Needham, Plymouth- Kingston, Middleboro-Lakeville, and Providence-Stoughton lines . . . your new train schedules go into effect this coming Monday, April 7th.

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