Friday, April 11, 2008

The Week Ends with a Friday Morning Status Quo Commute

After a pretty intense workweek of early morning meetings, I returned to my regular schedule today.

I took the P508 out of Grafton this morning. My train arrived at Back Bay Station at 8:14 a.m. I disembarked at Back Bay and took the Orange Line to my office. Good times!

So it looks like yesterday's weather was just a tease, huh? We're back to the lower temperatures. And it seems like the sun is rapidly disappearing. Oh well, I guess this is why everything turns a nice shade of green in the spring.

The only news report this morning is from The Boston Herald. They published an article about the MBTA's pension system.

Have a good Friday!


Keith said...

If you think it gets crowded on the T, then take a look at this:

Train Rider said...


That is crazy!!!

I was recently in India for work and their trains are so crowded, people ride on TOP of the cars.

Dare I say ... thank goodness for the MBTA?

:-) Train Rider